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Staying True to Yourself

Hello all. Staying true to who you are is such an important thing to remember as you go about your everyday life. It is easy to get swept up by the wash of social media and people living through screens.

You are Good Enough

Self worth is absolutely key. The way you value yourself is what ultimately affects how you feel. Filling yourself with loving and kind words are going to lift your spirits. Believe you are good enough. If somebody doesn’t like you for who you are, then you don’t need them in your life.

I am a preacher of understanding and embracing what you have. Knowing that you are this wonderful being should be enough to get you out of bed every morning. You are capable of great things, I believe in you. Knowledge is power.

Letting Love Be

The power of love can often be undermined. Love is more powerful than we can probably ever believe or interpret and letting it stand for what it is is a great way to attract more love.

If you want to love, let yourself love. Likewise, if someone loves you, let them love you and return that love.

Understanding your own potential should allow you to let people love you for who you are.

Never Change for Anyone, Be True

Staying true to yourself is the number one rule for living a happy and loyal life. Never change your ways for someone, just be who you are.

Of course, in certain circumstances, there is an importance in adapting your language or attitude. Knowing when to use this is a great skill. For example, at work you would talk to colleagues or clients in a more formal way than that used amongst friends.

This is not however, changing yourself to please someone.

If you take just one thing away from this post today, please let it be that you can’t please everyone. So don’t waste your energy on someone who is not worth your time. Life is precious and if you spend each day trying to make everyone happy, you will forget about the most important thing in your life – you. Continue putting people first at times and spreading love, however, be wise.

Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts with me, I love to hear them.


Eloise xx

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