Spreading Love, Love & Nothing Except Love

Spreading Love.
Spreading Love.

Hello all, happy Monday. To start off the week on a bright and positive note I am going to help you spread love. Love is something we can always share more of in our lives, so let’s see how we can up the amount of love surrounding us.

Count Your Blessings

To truly feel like love is upon you, you have to realise how bloody lucky you are. Each one of us is living a beautiful life, we are surrounded by greatness. This may sound a bit cringe, but it is so true. To really feel that great energy, be thankful for all you have. This will ignite that passionate spark within, which will encourage you to spread more of that happy feeling.

Happiness is Greatness & Love Surrounds Us

Those happy feelings you experience on a really good day are your highest vibrations. You feel good, you feel alive. Being kind to yourself and loving yourself will then allow you to glow from the inside. There is a balance between loving who you are and being over-confident and egotistical. Leave your ego out of this. Your ego is your self-esteem and if you view it in that light, you are separating it from yourself. Instead, be true.

Love is all around. Learn to feel it.

Giving a Compliment

It probably goes without saying that people enjoy receiving a compliment. However, some find them hard to give. People can stop themselves spreading positives, even if they think of something kind. Instead, if you feel like one of your friends looks lovely, tell them. This will make both of you feel good. These are the types of feelings we should be sharing, this is spreading the loving vibes.

A great partner to giving is: listening. A lot of people nowadays are bad listeners. This is mainly due to the amount of distractions we face: phones, social media. An excuse, I know. Bring it back to basics and start listening to people. We are all guilty of zoning out from time to time, I still do it. So, try and bring yourself back to the present and listen to what people have to say. They might be reaching out to you. If we stop listening, people will stop talking. Giving compliments should rekindle the spark within us all.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great week. As always, thank you for your continued support.

Love. Xx

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