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Practice What You Preach

Today I am going to discuss the importance of understanding what you say, before you say it. If you like to preach, learn how to ensure you believe your own words, otherwise no one else will.

Practice What you Preach
Practice What you Preach

Believe in Yourself

As we know, believing in yourself is the first great step to a happier life. The same goes to the words that come out your mouth. Perhaps you are great at giving advice but you don’t follow it yourself, you just expect others to listen. That is probably where you are going wrong. This proves that you have the knowledge but you are not caring about yourself enough to put your own preaching into practice.

This is interlinked with the notion that we have to think before we speak. You shouldn’t just start talking, you should have a kind of filter on what comes out of your mouth. You are in control of what you say.

Practice, Preach

In order to say you are something, you have to practice it. You can’t say you are a runner unless you run. The same goes with life. For example, you can’t say you are spiritual unless you seek to be spiritual.

Occasionally, we have self doubts. When I last began doubting myself I had to stop and think about what I believe in. I preach. But I also practice. So I had to overcome the situation by putting all of the positives which I know and understand to my real life. Basically, I followed my own advice. Of course, I do this everyday but sometimes we need to be reminded.

The reason for this post today is because I want you all to understand that no matter who we are, we will never be perfect. I almost had to remind myself and have others remind me that my thoughts were contradicting my beliefs. Once I accepted this, I put my beliefs to use and I immediately felt calmer. I thought this may be helpful for those of you who are seeking change. When you have a lot on your mind it is so important to find time to allow your thoughts to be. That is where meditation comes in. Try it.

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