Creating A Great Team

Create a Great Team
Create a Great Team

Hello all. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in the UK at the moment, let’s make the most of it! Today I am going to talk about how we can create a great team.

What Sort of Team?

The type of team I am referring to is the net of supportive people who you surround yourself with. A group of people who are important to you and you know will be there no matter what. My team is a mixture of family and friends, and honestly, I know this sounds cheesy, but they are the best.

There are some things which we simply should not and probably cannot tackle alone. This is when you use the great relationships you have built and allow people to help you. Asking for help does not make you a lesser person. Think about the really successful people in the world, they have huge teams around them. You don’t need a huge team, you just need people to help and understand.

Spread Encouragement

What we all really need is people who support and encourage us. However, some people find it quite difficult to not see flaws in people’s ambitions. Ignore them. I really believe that you know your own capabilities and if you have enough faith in yourself, you will succeed.

Those friends who really make you feel great are the friends you should spend more time with. Spreading that positivity only leads to great things. The circle of people close to you should all be encouraging and believe in you just as much as you believe in them. Think about your circle, if they leave you feeling drained and discouraged, spend less time with these sorts of people.

We cannot please everyone, nor can we get along with everyone. Naturally, we all have different personalities and they can easily clash. Use your emotions wisely and channel your energy in the way that feels right to you. If you follow your gut, you will most likely be making the best decisions.

So, find your team. Don’t do everything alone, but at the same time, don’t forget to spend time by yourself. Surround yourself with people who respect you and want the best for you. Do the same for these people in return, of course.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a lovely week.

Love. Xx

Finding A Balance In Your Life

Finding A Balance
Finding A Balance (Francesca Stutely Yoga)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to talk about the importance of finding that right balance in your life between work and leisure.

It’s All About Routine

At this time of year, so many of us are taking exams. I am in the middle of my end of year exams for my second year at university. It’s exam season and it can be tough and tiring. Since my exams began I found come 9pm I am ready for bed. Long days of taking exams and revising are enough to wear you out.

Since I started my revision, I have really appreciated the importance of creating a routine that really works for me. This will be different for everyone, of course. I know some of my friends feel more productive later in the day, whereas I prefer starting my revision earlier and unwinding in the evenings.

Once you have established what works for you, stick to it. I have been getting up early and going to bed earlier than usual, this has not just made me more productive, but I feel like I have more energy! The exam season is so short but also so significant to so many of us, so sticking to a routine for those few weeks or months will be so beneficial.

Life Doesn’t Stop – Keep On Having Fun

Whilst I am sure we all want to pass our exams with flying colours, we have to remember that life around us is still going on as normal. Therefore, if your family want to have a day out, go out for dinner or just spend time together, don’t say no. This is the importance of having a balance between studying and enjoyment.

Only you know whether or not you are doing enough revision. If you spend a few hours being really productive, that one morning spent out shopping will not affect your grades. It is so easy to start saying no to everything and just keeping your head down, but I believe this is the opposite to what we should be doing.

Find A Release

Throughout this time, finding a way of using your brain in a different way is so important. We are not designed to sit at a desk all day, we are built to move. Make time in your day to get outside, create a balance. Dedicating time for exercise or going to the gym is a great way to refocus and think about something else.

So many people are in the same boat as you right now, speak to them. I am lucky to be living in a house with five of us doing the same course. We are good at motivating each other, but we also know when it is time to close our books. Whilst we are studious, we dedicate time to have fun and spend time together. This may be something as simple as cooking dinner together or all eating lunch at the same time. (Yes, we love food). Whatever way, we all work differently, but seem to have found our own balance and still have fun.

This advice does not just apply to those in the depths of the exam season. It is applicable to everyday life. Having a routine has nothing but benefits, however, don’t be to rigid and keep some flexibility. Exercise will help your mind and body no matter what, so stop making excuses for it.

I hope you are inspired to find that ever so importance balance between your work life and leisure. Make the most of what you have and enjoy every day.

Thank you so much for reading and good luck if you are taking exams!

Love. Xx

Perception is Everything: The Power is Within You

Perception is Everything
Perception is Everything

Hello everyone. I am writing this from sunny Spain! Today I am going to talk about the power of perception. Let’s fill our lives with more positive energy.

Perception of What?

You may be thinking, what kind of perception? Well, the way we perceive things affects how we act and how we feel. Of course, we can’t control everything, life is spontaneous and can be filled with some unwanted events.

If you explore the definition of perception, there are two: “the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses”. It is also defined as; “the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted”.

So, here, we are looking at the second definition. How do you perceive situations? How do you deal with what life throws your way?

You Have an Amazing Power

I want you to understand that you have a sense of control over the way you react. All of those feelings, the positive and negative ones – happiness, sadness, anger, resentment etc, are what you allow yourself to feel.

The message I am trying to get across is that if someone does something which makes you angry, you can control how long you feel angry for. I am not saying never feel anger, I am simply saying learn to let it go. Holding onto a certain emotion for too long can be detrimental to your happiness.

Learn to use the power to your advantage. If you become upset by something, recognise the feeling, let yourself be upset. But, it only takes so long before it becomes self-inflicted. Learn to release the emotion. Move on.

That is how you stay positive as much as possible. We all feel sadness, we all feel anger, it is just some people are more aware and in control of their emotions than others. Become one of these people, it will only benefit you.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Love. Xx

Finding Your Own Happy Place

Happy Places
Happy Places

Hello all. I hope you have had a beautiful week. Today I am going to talk about what we can do to find our very own happy place. This will be a place where you feel completely content, whole, relaxed and yourself.

Why Do I Need a Happy Place?

The answer is simple. To spread happiness. Once you have found your true happy place where you feel 100% yourself and fully content with who you are, you can move it. By starting off with a smaller and possibly specific place, you can learn to love yourself.

If you wish to be there alone, be alone. If you want to take someone there who means something to you, do so. This is your sacred happy place. Do with it as you wish.

The whole purpose of finding a space for yourself is so you can be alone with your thoughts and learn to work with them, not against them. So many of us fill ourselves with unconscious negative narratives throughout our day, it is draining.

Start Small, Think Big

If it seems daunting, literally go out and find somewhere you love. If you want it to be your bedroom, that is perfect. Likewise, if you find a park bench you become accustomed to, go there.

During those moments where it all seems a bit too much, when there is a lot going on, stop. Take yourself to your new happy place and breathe. Think. Be.

Once you are able to recognise that calm, happy and recharged feeling after spending some time in this space, you won’t have to go as often.

You will work out how to adapt your life to be a more positive one. These happy thoughts will begin to fill your mind. Over time, you will learn how to think in this way everyday.

No matter who you are, I think we should all have a happy place. Maybe you’ve been on holiday and fallen in love with somewhere. That doesn’t mean you can only feel happiness when you go there. Learn to adapt, bring the feelings you feel there to the now. Live in the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading.

Love. Xx