• Happiness

    The True Value of Kindness

    Kindness is a positive behaviour which involves affection, warmth and generosity. These are all traits which will cause no harm if we spread more of them. A Little Bit of Kindness Goes a Long Way Remember that no matter how…

  • Stay True to Yourself - Eloise Burns

    Staying True to Yourself

    Hello all. Staying true to who you are is such an important thing to remember as you go about your everyday life. It is easy to get swept up by the wash of social media and people living through screens.…

  • Happiness

    Life Gets Better by Change, Not Chance

    Hello all. Self-improvement is a wonderful thing and what we have to realise is that the power is within our hands. Change is where real differences are found, chance is something that happens everyday. Be the Change! When there is…