New Year, New Decade, Do we Need Goals?

Today marks the last day of 2019 and the last day of the decade. Whilst everyone is bombarding us with their New Year’s Resolutions, I will spare you the boredom. If you set goals, I believe that you shouldn’t share them with the world. Just get your head down and make them happen. By all means, if you achieve something you are proud of, share your pride!

Focus on Yourself & Your Goals

I have nothing against us setting resolutions for the year ahead, but this “new year, new me” mindset is toxic. You are the same you.

Of course, we can change and our attitudes and beliefs tend to grow and evolve, however you should embrace who you are.

The date is changing, but that doesn’t mean we need to suddenly strive to be who we are not.

If you want to set yourself goals, resolutions, wishes, or however else you like to refer them to, then do. Write down your list. Keep it to yourself.

Reflect, but Remain Present

A new decade sounds more significant than a new year, so to some this is a great chance to start a-fresh. At this time of year we generally look back at the memories from the whirlwind of a year that is now behind us.

Stop, pause, reflect. The idea of reminiscing the great memories but also the not so great ones, is very important. Focus on the outcomes, these things have happened, how can you grow?

After spending some time reflecting, I think it is important to think about where we are now. What lessons did we learn in 2019, or over the past ten years? What are you doing now? How are you?

If you have set yourself goals for the years to come, go out and smash them. Believe in yourself!

I wish you all happiness, health and love in the year ahead.

Thank you for reading.

Eloise Xx