Never Stop Believing in Yourself

Today I am going to talk about why we should have self belief. Believing in yourself is one of the main ways we can succeed in life and ultimately; get what we want.

Don’t Stop Believing!

We may all be familiar with the song, “Don’t Stop Believin'” but the words actually do have a lot of importance behind them. If you have a moment, have a listen to Journey’s version and really listen to the lyrics.

The main message I wish to get across to you today is that if you want something, believe in yourself and your wish will come true. Obviously, you have to put hard work in along the way, but finding that belief inside yourself will really assist you. It will also give you a great boost of confidence, putting you on the right path.


Listen, Always.

There will be a select few people in your life who openly give you advice to try and help you. Usually, they just want what is best for you, and this may mean that their ideas are different to yours. When someone you care about is offering advice, listen. You may not agree. That is perfectly okay. We are never all going to agree on everything. But if you listen, you could find a valuable lesson in their teachings. Or, you may think what they have to say is a load of bullshit. Either way, you can decide yourself what to take on board or not.

Follow your own instincts. Family members and close friends, for example, are more likely to be completely honest with you. They might tell you they don’t think you are doing something right. Instead of being set back by this, let it encourage you. Allow yourself to listen to them, don’t argue.

Nobody Knows You Better Than Yourself

At the end of the day, the person who know you best is YOU! Friends, family, and even strangers will offer you advice while you’re on track to achieving your goals. You will know whether they are right or not. In some cases, maybe in a job, for instance, you are blessed with a boss who gives you praise and encouragement. However, you may also be blessed, yes, blessed, with a boss who doesn’t agree with a lot of what you do. They may tell you this and it will have so many lessons in, for both of you. Let yourself learn. As I have mentioned previously, we won’t always get along well with everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to make life unpleasant for each other. You can just accept this.

If you know in the back of your mind that you are still believing in yourself, you will be helping yourself. Rather than feeling knocked back by what may seem like hurtful words, know that you are literally capable of anything.

Embrace who you are and never stop believing in you.

I hope you have a great week.


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