My Interpretation of Being Happy

Hello all. Today I am going to share with you what I believe happiness really is and where I think it comes from. This is inspired by a recent debate I had about the reasons behind our feelings of being happy.

What Is Considered “Happy”?

Being happy simply means being filled with feelings of joy, content and gratitude. Happy is probably a word which is used in our daily vocabulary, so is there still a big significance behind the word? You may often hear people say things along the lines of “that makes me happy” or “I am so happy”, and my question is: are they really feeling this happiness or is it just a turn of phrase?

As I have learnt, happiness has different definitions to different people. Some people may seem more happy than others. Yes, they too will experience the same emotions which we are all capable of feeling, but they will allow the happiness emotion to function and vibrate at a higher frequency, ultimately resulting in more happiness.

Be Happy Within.
Be Happy Within.

What Is Happiness To YOU?

Ask yourself this: what is happiness to me? Take a few minutes to let this answer come to you, you will feel it within. We are all unique, so our idea of this will be different.

When I discussed this with some of my friends, we had opposing views on joy. Personally, I don’t believe that “money can buy us happiness”, because – it can’t. Happiness is an emotion, a feeling in your heart, it is metaphysical. That means using a physical object (in this case, money), cannot be the source for our feelings.

Money is simply an addition to this. Of course, there are things in this world which bring us happy feelings, and these might have been for an exchange of money. That is why we may think that monetary transactions is where happiness comes from.

A counter argument to this would be – is someone living with very little money going to be happy, if they can’t afford to buy the things they need? I believe that depends on the person. If they have a positive mindset, they can use their skills to their advantage, and survive with the little that they have. I feel we are all rich, rich in knowledge and wisdom, in our own special way.

Finally, there may be certain people who bring out purer happy feelings for you. My beliefs are that this is because they are directly affecting the source within you, where the emotion comes from, which leads to these positive emotions.

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I would love for you to share your opinions on what happiness is to you.

Thank you for reading.


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