Live, Laugh, Love

I hope you are all having a happy day. Today I am sharing my all time favourite quote with you. We live, we laugh, we love and we give and we may forget the importance of ourselves. From time to time I sit and read happiness quotes because I feel it is a great way of connecting with yourself. When I first became aware of the power of positive thinking I started researching some inspiring life quotes and I remember the day I came across this one I am sharing with you, which I felt I could connect with.

The Background Story

A friend once sent me some pictures of beautiful words in attempt to help me see the positive side of life. At first I thought something so small would not help me in anyway, but after a while I realised that quite often I would refer back to them. To this day I have an album on my phone dedicated to self inspiration. Whenever I see words that I feel are powerful and significant I save them, then every so often I will scroll through them. A quote is a form of art and I believe they are a bit like memories. If you read a certain quote and attach it to a specific time, then you are likely to remember the words and the story to go with it.

We grow and learn each day and having little reminders is a lovely way to guide yourself. Something I like to do is follow positivity pages on my social media accounts, so when I am scrolling down them I smile when something inspiring or thought-provoking pops up.

Buddha head
Eloise & Buddha

The Quote

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.

Personally, when I read this quote my mind creates a beautiful image. I think of a sky full of ash grey rain clouds with lightening bolts striking down through them. Then I picture a dancer elegantly swaying with the movement of the rain. A vibrant rainbow appears in the sky.

In a way, I make up a story to go with the words. You may be reading this and thinking something totally different. That is fine, no two people will think the same thoughts or feel the same things. The message I am trying to convey here is to allow your mind to run free. Find a source to feed your creativity and inspiration. I think that quote will always motivate me. Don’t let yourself worry about the future, nor dwell on the past. Cherish your memories and place them in your heart. Live in the moment and fill yourself with love. Don’t let your emotions run your life. Acknowledge them and feel them, but learn how to shift your thought processes to positive ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post & can take something from it.



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