Live As Though No One is Watching

Hello all, happy Good Friday (if you celebrate it). All of us should be living our lives doing what we want to do. We set ourselves dreams, goals, wishes.. so we should believe enough until we reach them. I am going to share the reasons why we should live as though no one is watching.

Why Care About What Everyone Else Thinks?

You are YOU. You are a unique, special, beautiful individual and you have beliefs and opinions that may seen unusual to those around you. I am here to remind you that that is okay. Good. Being different is great. If all of us went about each day doing things to seek approval from others, we would never feel true happiness, right?

Instead, if we do what we want to do and accept that not everyone will like it, we should be living in abundance and a carefree state.

What Does This Mean For Me?

This is a question you may be asking yourself. There is a difference between not caring what people think of you and not caring about people. The message I am trying to get across is that we should really learn to let go, forget that people can see you. Of course, care about your loved ones, be kind, supportive and giving.

In some circumstances, people we care about may not like something we want to do. Within reason, that is alright. If you softly explain to them why you want it, then they should be able to see that it makes you happy. Don’t let others hold you back from your ambitions. Yes, listen to you parents. And your friends, and the rest of your family. But, no, don’t hold back on something you really want just because one person doesn’t like the idea.

If you feel the need to tell people about something before you do it, then put the idea out there and they will adapt to it. When your dream comes true, chances are, those who love you will be filled with happiness for you.

This is another of my favourite quotes, let the words resonate with you…

Dance, Love, Sing, Live.
Dance, Love, Sing, Live.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy celebrating Jesus, if you believe in him.


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