Life Gets Better by Change, Not Chance

Change is Good
Change is Good

Hello all. Self-improvement is a wonderful thing and what we have to realise is that the power is within our hands. Change is where real differences are found, chance is something that happens everyday.

Be the Change!

When there is an aspect of our lives we are not fully content with, generally it means we need to start changing things. The only thing that is really holding you back is you. You are making excuses.

We all have a choice; keep on as we are, or take action and start making changes. Of course, change doesn’t come easy, however, if you want it, you will make it happen.

A lot of people have proven that it takes 66 days to make something a habit. So, whatever it is you are seeking, try it and be persistent. Stick to it for the 66 days, that is just over two months of your life. An example of this would be a lifestyle change. If you wish for a weight loss goal, to be healthier and live longer – the time to start is now. You are limiting your own beliefs and you are preventing yourself from your capabilities. Therefore, let go of your ego and allow yourself to do what you can.

Push the Boundaries

A lot of us become comfortable. We are species who seek routine and generally like familiarity. I am a great believer in routine, for me, it increases my productivity levels. However, I am also spontaneous and I live for that thrill. Routine can become monotonous and that is when we become stuck in rut. We NEED change!

That is when balance comes in. Instead of just settling for what feels comfortable and safe, start pushing limits. You set your own boundaries, learn to alter them.

Each day or even each hour, we have a chance. You can begin to make a difference at any moment in time. Stop waiting for the “right” moment to come alone, take the moment and make it right!


Thank you for reading!


Eloise Xx


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