Letting Your Hair Down & Being Free

Be Free!
Be Free!

Hello all! Today I am going to touch on the subject of being free and letting lose. We should all let our hair down from time to time and I explain why.

What Letting Your Hair Down Actually Means

When I say “let you hair down” I don’t mean literally. I mean like the well-known saying. I want us to all loosen up and let ourselves have the fun we deserve. We are free. Furthermore, we deserve to feel this way. By that I mean we all chose what we let ourselves think about. Really, if you change your perception of a situation, you change the outcome. So, instead of overthinking little unimportant details in your life, take a look at the bigger picture.

Free Yourself From Negativity

As I have mentioned in the past, negativity is so draining. We should all be vibrating with higher frequencies, and negativity is a low vibration. Love and happiness will bring ultimate joy and feelings of content. This is being free. Understand that your freedom comes from the way you see your own life.

Whilst I myself have uni work to be getting on with, I regard myself as free. That is because I am keeping on top of all I should be doing to achieve the results I want. However, I am also having fun. I am free. I am doing the things I want to do, I am loving the life I am living.

Find The Balance

Finding that right balance between work and play is so important. Knowing when to prioritise certain things is a great skill which leads to your successes. Of course, we do learn from our mistakes. If you don’t put as much time into something as you know you should, you will feel guilty. That is the opposite to freedom. You will notice, when you find this equilibrium, you will feel free. You will feel lighter.

Learn to love and learn to play. But make sure whilst having all the fun in the world, you continue being productive and proactive. Living at university has really made me understand where my balance lies. I know when I need to do more work or when I let my hair down. Either way, I do truly always feel a sense of freedom.

Have a great weekend. I hope you enjoyed the read.

Love. Xx

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