It’s All About Balance: Life & Play

In a world where we are constantly consuming, reading and scrolling, how can we find enough hours in the day to balance everything?

Mastering your Time

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself repeatedly saying “there are not enough hours in the day”. There is. We are just busy. However, I don’t believe that we are getting busier, I think our time is just being used differently.

Personally, I am currently trying to navigate my own way through finding my right balance. I have uni work to do, deadlines looming, a job, gym-going, running, socialising… when I list it, it sounds like a lot.

The things I chose to do with my life, I believe, benefit me in some way. For example, spending time on my uni work will allow me to get the grades I want, whilst going for a run will clear my head.

I have always been very organised, which definitely helps. Also, instead of thinking about what I have to do, I try my best to actively get on and do it. I compartmentalise everything I do, which stops me becoming overwhelmed by my busyness.


Balance of Life

We all make a choice each day, each hour, each moment, as to how we are going to spend our time. You will ultimately know whether you are using your time productively or not.

Spending time away from work is so important, especially when we are glued to our phones 24/7. Although switching off can be really difficult.

In my mission to be more productive, I have made a few unconscious changes. A friend pointed out to me recently how little time I spend on my phone, and asked if it was deliberate. I thought about it, and honestly, no, it wasn’t. I have just found that if I put my phone down, I am totally present. That’s got to be a good thing. Plus I get a hell of a lot more done if my phone isn’t by my side.

Bettering Ourselves

All of us are trying our best to live our lives and have fun. Making small steps to better ourselves each day will lead to big results.

As with anything, consistency is key. If we make new habits, create routines, have plans in place and stay focused, we will find our own balance.

I love a to-do list, I have just learnt to accept that it will never be empty. I, and I’m sure the rest of you will agree, always have something else to do, and that’s okay.

If these are things you can underpin and master, you will be a lot more time-savvy, I’m sure.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

Eloise Xx