Living in the Now

This is a collection of my favourite quotes which are inspiring for me. Hopefully, you can understand my sources of inspiration better. The majority of these quotes have been featured in previous blog posts.

I am often asked how I come up with creative content on my website. My answer is through everyday experiences and my favourite quotes. Sometimes, if someone says something to me in passing, it will resonate with me and inspire me to write about it. Other times, I will be searching online or scrolling down social media and I will see a quote which jumps out at me.

As I have an English Literature and Performing Arts background, poetry has also always been interesting to me. No, I don’t sit and read poems at night. However, I do appreciate a good poem and I do know quite a few off by heart, or at least my favourite quotes or verses from them.

I hope you enjoy searching through this inspiration section of my website, and that it can inspire you too.


Eloise Xx

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