Welcome to Eloise Burns

Hello all and a warm, happy welcome to Eloise Burns.

I have created this space to give you everyday inspiration to help you live a happy, positive life. In a world surrounded by negative press I am here to help you understand the power of positive thinking. I will be regularly posting a wide range of articles, including personal experiences, positivity tips, healthy living advice and a few miscellaneous bits too.

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson

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Over time, I hope to inspire you; my fellow reader, in some way and you will soon become familiar with the way I look at life, and hopefully, you can modify this to suit you. I have some mottos which I will share with you over time, as I sometimes find them helpful little reminders to myself, so maybe you can too.

“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.”

Why I have created Eloise Burns

My wish is that at least one person can read this and they can feel that Eloise Burns has helped them in some way. If I know I can help just one of you, then I will be over the moon! My biggest belief is that happiness is the most important thing, of course, alongside your health. If you can live a happy life that you love, then you are bound to have wonderful experiences. We are who we believe we are.

How Eloise Burns is different

I’d love to connect with you all somehow, and hopefully that will be through the words I publish. I am aware that there are already a fair few positivity blogs out there already, so what makes Eloise Burns different? Well, yes, positivity and happiness will be my main focus, however, I’ll also write about other things which interest me, so therefore may also interest you, the reader. Also, I’ll include personal touches which may make the words on the page (or screen) more relatable for you.

Everything on this website will be edited and controlled by me, so it stays personal. I am looking forward to seeing how I can help you, so please, come and join me, Eloise, on an exciting new adventure.

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