Finding Your Place of Serenity

Hello all, happy weekend. Today I am going to share with you how important I feel it is to have a happy place. This is a place of serenity and calmness, where you can go to be alone with your thoughts.

Why Do I Need a Place of Serenity?

As we are continually busy in our everyday lives, I think that taking some time out of each day to be at one with your thoughts can really help how we feel within. If you have a place that you are able to associate with happy thoughts, gratitude and silence then each time you return to this place, you will be filled with positive energy. It is a great way of refreshing yourself.

A Place of Serenity
A Place of Serenity

Where is a Suitable Spot For My Own Quiet Place?

Of course, everyone will have a different opinion on where they “like to go to think”, this will be your place of serenity. Talking from my own experience, there are a few places I like to go, depending on whereabouts I am. For you, it may be when you lay in bed at night, you might take a moment to think about what is rushing through your mind and then quieten down your thoughts. Maybe, if you take yourself for a walk you like to be alone to have some thinking space. Or, perhaps you just have a favourite park bench which you enjoy sitting on and taking in the world around you.

Whatever it is that suits you, try to do this at least once a week. Our minds are constantly buzzing with thoughts. Start practising deep breathing and teach yourself how to meditate, if that suits you. I believe that real serenity comes from within, so listening to your body is a great place to start. You will know when you have found the right place for you, you will feel serenity and peace.

I hope you are able to take some inspiration from this. Thank you for reading.



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