Finding Sparks of Joy in Everything You Can

We are amidst one of the most unpredictable and strangest times we have ever found ourselves in. I want to try and spread some happiness and encourage you to find a spark of joy amongst the turbulence.

If you read my previous post, I talk about mindset, controlling what you can and how to deal with difficulties – which now seems more topical than ever, so please read this here.

Spark of Joy

There is ALWAYS a Positive

I am sure we all know how simply depressing it is to hear the news. At the moment, each day just seems to throw more challenges at us. We are hearing about how stark the health crisis is, how much the economic climate is suffering and how we can’t really go out and have fun.

However, I really, really believe that there are positives to come out of all the negativity out there. For many of us, we are now working at home, which can be a huge adjustment. Think of all those days you wanted to stay in bed, perhaps tackling a hangover or had a terrible nights’ sleep, yet still had to go to the office. This is what people dream of, so we can’t complain. Make the most of this more relaxed approach to working.

Many of us are in self isolation alone, which of course is tough and can be lonely. Instead, consider how important time alone is. Learn about yourself, connect with yourself. You could really come to understand a lot about yourself over the coming weeks.

Others are isolating as a family unit. Count this as a blessing, try to give everyone space, but learn to appreciate how much this time with your loved ones can be cherised.

Routine and Thoughts

I am by no means finding this time easy. I’ve found the past few days tough, as I am sure many of us have. I have felt anxiety which I haven’t felt for years. I have been filled with fear of the unknown. I have also began to feel acceptance.

Accepting that this is the current world we are living in has really helped me. Life can still be lived, just, very differently.

Creating a routine not too dissimilar from that you follow during ‘normal’ life is not a bad place to begin. Aim to do something productive everyday, for work or self development, try and do some exercise and maybe even watch a series on Netflix, you are setting a plan of action for yourself.

What’s Your Spark of Joy?

Finally, the mental shift from negative to positive is more powerful than you will ever know. This is a helpful reminder for myself, as I am sure it will be to you, too.

Usually, I do take in my surroundings. I am often first to comment on the birds singing, the beauty in a green tree, or the sun shining through the clouds. It is hard to even notice these things when we are caught up in turmoil.

I have actively been seeking these things, and taking a moment to appreciate that the world is still turning. These are little sparks of joy. They may be tiny and seem insignificant, but realising a spark of joy each day, may be the one thing that keeps you sane.

Thank you for reading.


Eloise Xx