Finding Enjoyment in Everyday

Finding Enjoyment
Finding Enjoyment

Hello all. I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend if you are in the UK. Two in one month, means summer is round the corner! If you don’t find some enjoyment in each day, life will pass you by.

Don’t Live a Monotonous Life

Monotony is a kill joy. It stops us having fun, making our lives seem repetitious and dull, leading to negative feelings about ourselves, our work, our lives. We need to turn this round and really find our own fun.

However, routine is important. I have a routine, it allows me to ensure I actually achieve something each day, gain a sense of accomplishment and am productive. I know some people prefer living more sporadically, which is perfectly fine. Me, I am just spontaneous when I want to be.

If you hate your job and really do not like the idea of getting up and going into an office (or your place of work), spend some time asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, do you really need that job? Yes, okay, we need money to survive and I know we are not all in jobs we love. However, life is short and I don’t think we should waste time doing something we despise. If you dislike your job that much, how easy is it for you to find another one? With the current state of the economy, job hunting is at a peak, many organisations are recruiting!

Productivity + Fun = the recipe for HAPPY

We are all at different stages in our lives and we all have different desires. Even my friends and I, of similar ages are all looking for different things and chasing our own dreams.

Enjoyment can come to us so easily, I think this is something we forget. When I have done something productive but also had a really fun day, I go to bed feeling brilliant. I like that sense of achievement, that tick off my mental to-do list. Yes, as a student this is often something as small as cooking my dinner or actually putting my washing on. But still, it brings me satisfaction.

As we are all different, your own levels of productivity are probably completely varied. In a nine to five job, your to-do lists are likely to be a lot longer and more time consuming than mine. Whatever way, my message is we all have “chores” which we need to get done. But, there is nothing stopping us having fun along the way.

No, washing the dishes is not fun. However, you can still have fun. I often hear excuses about there being not enough hours in the day. Bullshit. If you want to do something, you find time.

A Little Enjoyment Leads to a Happier Life

Trust me on this one. If you set time to do one thing everyday which you find fun, you will be happier. I do believe happiness comes from within, however, some things we can do externally can help boost our happy chemicals.

This moment of fun can be whatever you want, depending on your hobbies. For example, at the moment mine is probably watching an episode of Suits (or 3) before I go to bed. But for you it might be going for a walk. Literally, anything. Find something you love and make time each day to do it. Overall, you will probably feel more motivated day to day, as you are gaining a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment every day.

Thank you for reading, let me know what your daily enjoyment is.

Love. Xx

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