Don’t Strive for Perfection

Perfection – defined as: “a state of perfect”. What is perfect? No one knows the answer to this because perfection doesn’t exist. Striving for the best is the very greatest thing you can do, however, perfection is something totally different.


You are Capable of Beautiful Things

Understanding your own powers and capabilities is a grand task. You have an unlimited potential and if you live knowing you are trying your best and working your hardest, there is nothing more you can do.

I mean this not just in relation to say, work, but also in yourself. You are never going to have a perfect mind because there is no such thing. To really be truly happy, you must just let life be. If you are living each day and loving it, then you are living. Trying to make everyday perfect will drain you. No one on earth has ever been perfect.

Let’s Not Categorise Ourselves

Today, many of us seem to label ourselves. Ask yourself this – why? Why are you trying to categorise yourself into being something or someone? If perfection isn’t real, then is it not enough to just be who you are. I believe social media has a big impact on this, but understanding that you shouldn’t be living to please others is a great life lesson.

Aim High, Not for Perfection!

Aim for the best, aim for being the best version of you. Think big! Do not be afraid of failure. Failing is one of the best life lessons we can possibly experience. Throughout our lifetimes, we never stop learning. Life is meant for learning and mistakes often make our most valuable lessons.

There is a difference in trying your hardest and trying to be perfect. Yes, you will be faced with many obstacles along the way but find a way around them, under them, over them or through them.

Your idyllic life will come if you are happy. Happiness is always, in my opinion, the best place to begin with anything.

Thank you so much for reading.


Eloise Xx

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