Creativity as an Expression of Individuality


“Life has no limits.”

If you want to do something, do it!

We can use creativity in any way we like. Understanding the powers of your creative mind may take a while to come to terms with.

Creativity for Self Expression

Self expression is a wonderful way of allowing yourself to understand yourself. Others are likely to begin to understand who you are along the way.

Using your creative powers to share yourself is a weird and wonderful thing. This, what you are reading right, now can be considered my form of creativity. I am expressing myself through words. Of course, this can be done in any way, through dance, song, art and beyond. Others can appreciate your own creative work.

There are NO LIMITS

I really believe life has no limits. You set your own limits. If you want to do something, do it. From a young age, this has always been a life lesson I have been given on repeat. Now, I really believe this is mentality installed in me. So, I know that I am capable of using my creativity, or, in fact anything I set my mind to.

Therefore, what I am trying to say is, never be afraid of “giving things a go”. Ask yourself what have you got to lose? You don’t know the outcome of something until you have tried it.

Do Creative Ideas Come and Go?

Recently, I came across an interesting concept that ideas come to us and leave us if we don’t do anything about them. A creative spark will come into your life in a metaphysical way, and you chose what to do with it.

This idea comes from Big Magic, an inspirational book by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you are looking for ways to express your creativity, I recommend the read. 

In this, she explains her belief that a creative idea will come to you at the most unusual moment. If you are the person who is supposed to bring this idea to life using your creativity, you will. If not, this idea will move on to someone else.

At first I thought this was a little odd, however, I have since opened up to the idea. If you think of something but don’t grab the opportunity, then it was not meant to be.

Thank you for reading!


Eloise Xx


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