Coincidence, Synchronicity & Fate

Hello all. I hope you are having a beautiful day. I am going to discuss the differences between synchronicity and coincidence and we can see if they really do exist.

Coincidence vs Fate

A phrase used almost daily is “it must be a coincidence”, but my question is.. why? What is it that makes us believe that coincidences are affecting the happenings of our lives? I don’t. Personally, if I had to chose between coincidences and fate, I would chose fate. If you are into maths and  probability, you may chose coincidence to explain unexpected outcomes in your life. I however, don’t believe in it.

The definition of coincidence is

an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising“.

Whilst fate is defined as

a power that some people believe causes and controls all events, so that you cannot change or control the way things will happen“.

I suppose these could be argued to be the same thing. Whereas, in reality, coincidence is not at all connect to fate. Fate is more about believing in a higher power and that is what creates our pathway of destiny. Now, we can delve deeper into this by looking at what is known as synchronicity.

Coincidence vs. Synchronicity
Coincidence vs. Synchronicity

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity was under covered by Jung, a psychologist and it is said to be a “simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection”. On a first reading, it does sound similar to coincidence,  however, there is more to it than that.

As I have said before, the power of the mind is incredible, we can create everything. If you just sit back and believe in coincidences, then your life is happening around you and you are not taking any control of your everyday occurrences. On the other hand, if you understand synchronicity, you are acknowledging that we are all connected, and that your thoughts can become things.

An easier way to view this is just like a more profound version of fate. The difference is, with synchronicity, we understand that actually we do have control over the things that happen, we just can’t always explain them. If you question everything, you will always have unanswered questions.

What Should I Believe in?

Choosing what you believe in is entirely up to you. I am simply expressing my opinions in the hope that it can give you a better understanding to your life. Life is magical, so let go and let the powers above guide you…

This may have been a lot to get your head around. The more you read into it, the more fascinating things you will find. Next time I am asked why I don’t believe in coincidence, this post is my explanation.

Thank you for reading! As always, I would love you to share your thoughts.

Merry Christmas, thank you for the continued support.


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