Aspire To Be the Best Version of YOU

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. In today’s post I want to discuss why being yourself is so important. Throughout our lives, we will all learn about this in different ways, some realise sooner than others, depending on our experiences.

It is Okay to be Different, Be Yourself

I believe that if you are spending time with the right people you will be aware that you are. In life, your path will cross with people who you vibe with, you will get on really well. Contrastingly, there will be a few people who you simply do not get along with. Do not force yourself to spend time with them. Send them love and step away. Spend your life with those who you want to spend it with, and those who want to spend it with you, too.

Be the Best Version of Yourself
Oscar Wilde

Follow Your Heart

You have probably heard of the phrase “follow your gut”. I believe in this, your gut is your intuition and it has been proven that the gut-feeling you feel is highly likely to be the right one, the right decision for you at that moment in time. That is why living with regrets is not worth your time. In the moment that you made a certain choice, that was what you wanted.

Therefore, when it comes to people, you often know whether or not you will get along with them. By all means, do not judge a book by it’s cover, give everyone your love and time. However, your heart will know whether or not something is right.

Be Who You Truly Are

Something important to remind yourself is – you are you. Nobody around you should alter that. Over time, we learn and we grow as people, you become a better you. When you spend time with people, they will influence you. But, at the end of the day you know deep down who you really are. Do not let people change you. If you are aware of who you are and are connected with yourself, you won’t be affected by this.

I want to advise you on a few things to help you become the best version of yourself:

  • Keep on spreading love, you have a heart full of love to give.
  • Be honest with yourself, let yourself be.
  • It is okay to be different, just embrace all of your weird and wonderful ways, they are what makes you..you. Also, weird is unique and that is great!

Today I am going to leave you with a song which I feel is relevant to my words:

Wrong Crowd by Tom Odell. Enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading and for all of the love and support you continue to send me.


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