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Eloise Burns - About

My name is Eloise Burns and I am a 20 year old Business and Management student studying at Henley Business School in the University of Reading. I have a passion for writing and spreading positivity around my friends and family, so I thought I would try spreading it further through my self entitled blog.

My motive for starting this website was a personal challenge and something I have done for myself, like a self-reminder for living a positive life. If I am able to inspire any of you along the way, that is a huge added bonus and the fact that you are here reading it means a lot to me!

Finally, all of my content is fairly lighthearted but inspiring, so it is completely up to you how you choose to interpret the information I share. My focus is to share with you what works for me, hence why I am sharing it, therfore there are high chances this can be beneficial to you too.

A Little Background Information

I was born in Gloucestershire, England. When I was five I moved to Javea, Spain with my family and then in summer 2016 I returned back to the UK. My international upbringing means I am able to speak fluent Spanish, as well as English. Then in September 2016 I began university and I am currently in my second year of studies. I have A levels in English Literature, English Language and Spanish.

My Hobbies

This blog is a hobby for me, as I really enjoy writing and this is my space to share my thoughts with you all. I also love food and singing (although a lot of my friends will tell you I can’t sing).

One of my other interests is practising yoga, I like to set myself personal goals all the time and then keep on trying until I achieve them. I think that is a great way to motivate yourself! Many people ask me why I love yoga so much, and my answer is that it has such great benefits to your mind and body, why would I not love it. I do it for both it’s spiritual and physical benefits.

Eloise Burns, Emily Wright
Chakrasana. Photography by Francesca Stutely Yoga

Enjoy exploring the magical side of life.

Love, Eloise xxx