Month: May 2018

Finding Enjoyment in Everyday

Finding Enjoyment
Finding Enjoyment

Hello all. I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend if you are in the UK. Two in one month, means summer is round the corner! If you don’t find some enjoyment in each day, life will pass you by.

Don’t Live a Monotonous Life

Monotony is a kill joy. It stops us having fun, making our lives seem repetitious and dull, leading to negative feelings about ourselves, our work, our lives. We need to turn this round and really find our own fun.

However, routine is important. I have a routine, it allows me to ensure I actually achieve something each day, gain a sense of accomplishment and am productive. I know some people prefer living more sporadically, which is perfectly fine. Me, I am just spontaneous when I want to be.

If you hate your job and really do not like the idea of getting up and going into an office (or your place of work), spend some time asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, do you really need that job? Yes, okay, we need money to survive and I know we are not all in jobs we love. However, life is short and I don’t think we should waste time doing something we despise. If you dislike your job that much, how easy is it for you to find another one? With the current state of the economy, job hunting is at a peak, many organisations are recruiting!

Productivity + Fun = the recipe for HAPPY

We are all at different stages in our lives and we all have different desires. Even my friends and I, of similar ages are all looking for different things and chasing our own dreams.

Enjoyment can come to us so easily, I think this is something we forget. When I have done something productive but also had a really fun day, I go to bed feeling brilliant. I like that sense of achievement, that tick off my mental to-do list. Yes, as a student this is often something as small as cooking my dinner or actually putting my washing on. But still, it brings me satisfaction.

As we are all different, your own levels of productivity are probably completely varied. In a nine to five job, your to-do lists are likely to be a lot longer and more time consuming than mine. Whatever way, my message is we all have “chores” which we need to get done. But, there is nothing stopping us having fun along the way.

No, washing the dishes is not fun. However, you can still have fun. I often hear excuses about there being not enough hours in the day. Bullshit. If you want to do something, you find time.

A Little Enjoyment Leads to a Happier Life

Trust me on this one. If you set time to do one thing everyday which you find fun, you will be happier. I do believe happiness comes from within, however, some things we can do externally can help boost our happy chemicals.

This moment of fun can be whatever you want, depending on your hobbies. For example, at the moment mine is probably watching an episode of Suits (or 3) before I go to bed. But for you it might be going for a walk. Literally, anything. Find something you love and make time each day to do it. Overall, you will probably feel more motivated day to day, as you are gaining a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment every day.

Thank you for reading, let me know what your daily enjoyment is.

Love. Xx

Believe in Yourself & Everyone Will Believe In You


Hello all. I hope you are having a beautiful week. Having self-belief can often be forgotten, however it is crucial to our happiness. Believe, achieve, receive.

Learn to Love Yourself First

You may have heard the saying; “how will anyone love you if you don’t love yourself”, which is very true. What we see and love about ourselves should also be what we want others to see in us. If you are constantly putting yourself down and pointing out your flaws, people will see them.

On the other end of the spectrum, we should not be egocentric and verbose, otherwise we will come across in a negative light. I do believe if we have had a good up bringing, we should morally be aware how to behave and act, dependent on circumstances. That doesn’t mean you should have a dual-personality, it simply means consciously adapting to your surroundings.

Find the right balance between the two. Be confident and speak words of self praise and others will recognise this. You may notice, the more confidence you carry, the more you will be complimented, as you are literally giving out a positive energy.

Believe You Can & You Will

I have previously mentioned how important it is to have self belief (see post here). The best way to truly understand this is to try it yourself. Our minds are so powerful, not all of us even realise it, so if the best place to begin is with your thoughts.

Changing the way you think – channelling as much positivity into your life as possible will lead to great things. If you believe you can do something, you will be able to do it. The same goes for if you don’t think you are capable, you won’t succeed.

Once you begin to prove to people that you are capable, you have self-belief and are motivated, they will see it in you. If you persuade someone that you can do something, chances are, they will want to watch you do it.

Good friends only want the best for us and realistically, they should be encouraging and uplifting. When others believe in you, your own levels of motivation will increase, so start sharing some of your aspirations and listen to those words of praise you need to hear.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the bank holiday. Thank you for reading.

Love. Xx

Stop Waiting to Be Happy & Be Happy Now

Be Happy Now
Be Happy Now

Hello all. I hope you are having a beautiful week. Today I am going to explore a common mistake society seem to be making and how to change it. Happiness. Being happy has become a sort of “fashion” in the world of social media. Stick with me to find out how to truly be happy right now.

Stop Waiting, Start Being

The most common mistake we collectively seem to be making is that we are waiting. We spend our whole lives waiting, and if you haven’t already realised it, life stops for no one. People who put things off and say they will start tomorrow, generally never do. Tomorrow is today’s yesterday.

There seems to be a theme running through our lives. “I will go to the gym tomorrow.” “I will start eating healthily tomorrow”. “I will ring my family tomorrow”. These are phrases I have heard so many times, and sometimes I wondered how many times these people follow through.

STOP. Break this habit right now! If you want to make a change, do it. If you want to do something, do it. Stop waiting it out. There is no such thing as a perfect moment, you take the moment and make it perfect.

Forget Your Troubles, Come on, Get Happy!

Happiness is all over social media at the minute. It seems to be a trend rather than a lifestyle. Happy people will know that happiness does not come from waiting for things to happen.

You have to learn to make the most of your life. Look around you and appreciate the little things. I have a daily routine which I follow to the best of my ability, otherwise my life would have no structure and I wouldn’t get things done. However, I am not bored or unhappy. Instead, I love each day. I have learnt to really embrace the little moments. If you enjoy multiple smaller parts of your day, you will feel happiness. Waking up in the morning, I generally think about how great life is before I get up.

Find your Happy Everyday

If you don’t really stay present in each moment, life will pass you by. There are so many things you may find yourself doing on autopilot. Try your best to bring your awareness to each moment and make the most of every passing minute.

Here are a few things which I do almost daily but I find enjoyment in, leading to overall happiness. These may help inspire you too and give you and idea of how to use this positive mindset:

  • My bowl of porridge in the morning – I honestly cannot express my love for porridge, I top mine with loads of fruit and cinnamon, I also love knowing it is full of nutrients
  • Putting my make-up on – I like to get up and ready for the day, even if I am not really doing much. I love applying my make-up, I find it so cathartic, it also boosts my productivity
  • Chocolate – if you know me you will know chocolate is my weakness. I try so hard not to eat it everyday, but sometimes I will have just one square and cherish every moment of it
  • Afternoon cup of tea – for me, I prefer this to the morning one. It is a nice mid-afternoon treat, and well, I just love tea.

I realise three of these are food based, which clearly shows I am a food lover. That is another thing which amounts to my happiness, good food.

Find what drives you, embrace the monotonous tasks we have to face and learn to be happy.

I hope this post inspired you today. As always, leave your comments and I would love to hear what makes you happy.

Love. Xx

Creating A Great Team

Create a Great Team
Create a Great Team

Hello all. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in the UK at the moment, let’s make the most of it! Today I am going to talk about how we can create a great team.

What Sort of Team?

The type of team I am referring to is the net of supportive people who you surround yourself with. A group of people who are important to you and you know will be there no matter what. My team is a mixture of family and friends, and honestly, I know this sounds cheesy, but they are the best.

There are some things which we simply should not and probably cannot tackle alone. This is when you use the great relationships you have built and allow people to help you. Asking for help does not make you a lesser person. Think about the really successful people in the world, they have huge teams around them. You don’t need a huge team, you just need people to help and understand.

Spread Encouragement

What we all really need is people who support and encourage us. However, some people find it quite difficult to not see flaws in people’s ambitions. Ignore them. I really believe that you know your own capabilities and if you have enough faith in yourself, you will succeed.

Those friends who really make you feel great are the friends you should spend more time with. Spreading that positivity only leads to great things. The circle of people close to you should all be encouraging and believe in you just as much as you believe in them. Think about your circle, if they leave you feeling drained and discouraged, spend less time with these sorts of people.

We cannot please everyone, nor can we get along with everyone. Naturally, we all have different personalities and they can easily clash. Use your emotions wisely and channel your energy in the way that feels right to you. If you follow your gut, you will most likely be making the best decisions.

So, find your team. Don’t do everything alone, but at the same time, don’t forget to spend time by yourself. Surround yourself with people who respect you and want the best for you. Do the same for these people in return, of course.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a lovely week.

Love. Xx