Month: November 2017

Practice What You Preach

Today I am going to discuss the importance of understanding what you say, before you say it. If you like to preach, learn how to ensure you believe your own words, otherwise no one else will.

Practice What you Preach
Practice What you Preach

Believe in Yourself

As we know, believing in yourself is the first great step to a happier life. The same goes to the words that come out your mouth. Perhaps you are great at giving advice but you don’t follow it yourself, you just expect others to listen. That is probably where you are going wrong. This proves that you have the knowledge but you are not caring about yourself enough to put your own preaching into practice.

This is interlinked with the notion that we have to think before we speak. You shouldn’t just start talking, you should have a kind of filter on what comes out of your mouth. You are in control of what you say.

Practice, Preach

In order to say you are something, you have to practice it. You can’t say you are a runner unless you run. The same goes with life. For example, you can’t say you are spiritual unless you seek to be spiritual.

Occasionally, we have self doubts. When I last began doubting myself I had to stop and think about what I believe in. I preach. But I also practice. So I had to overcome the situation by putting all of the positives which I know and understand to my real life. Basically, I followed my own advice. Of course, I do this everyday but sometimes we need to be reminded.

The reason for this post today is because I want you all to understand that no matter who we are, we will never be perfect. I almost had to remind myself and have others remind me that my thoughts were contradicting my beliefs. Once I accepted this, I put my beliefs to use and I immediately felt calmer. I thought this may be helpful for those of you who are seeking change. When you have a lot on your mind it is so important to find time to allow your thoughts to be. That is where meditation comes in. Try it.

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Learning to Believe in Yourself

A good day to you all. Believing in yourself is one of the easy things we can do to hugely impact our lives. This can only bring us positive changes. Let me explain how a little more self belief will allow you to believe in a whole lot more.

“If You Believe in Yourself, Anything is Possible”

This is a well known quote which has a deeper significance that what we see on the surface. If you want to become the best version of you, you have to believe in yourself. This also ties in with loving yourself. Self love and self belief are both as important as each other, as they both benefit us.

If you start believing in yourself, everything else will fall into place. I am living evidence of this. Once you decide that you have the capabilities, you will be able to do almost anything. Believe in the impossible. Reveal the true you.

No – if you love and believe in yourself that by no way means that you are big headed. We are exploring how to do this in a non egotistical way.

How to Bring More Self Belief into Your Life

Firstly, you will have to want to seek a change in how you feel about yourself and what you can do. If you appreciate your body, your soul, you will suddenly feel a burst of love. Love from the self to the self is one of life’s greatest gifts. It will instantly give you a confidence boost, how can it not?

The mind is a great place to begin. I have said before that learning to be in a meditative state can bring calm to every aspect of our lives. Not only that, but also, it allows us to understand ourselves better. Thoughts will pop into your head. Let them be, acknowledge them. Your mind tries to teach you new things about yourself all the time, therefore, be open.

We all have doubts sometimes. That is okay. Just understand that when you are in a less positive mood, you will instantly look to other things which seem to be “going wrong”. Let this mood shift be and appreciate that it will pass.

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“The Future Lies Before You…”

I hope you are all having  great  week. In this post I am going to share a quote which is so profound, it should resonate with all of us. I shall also explore how we create our future lives.

Creating Your Destiny

I am a believer that we create our own lives. We chose what we say and do. We often know that the words which come out of our mouths can literally alter of futures. I also believe, in some sense, we have a path laid out for us and we unconsciously chose whether or not to follow the path that has been created.

For instance, some people are born with a passion. You may have a friend or you may be that person who knew exactly what you wanted to do when you grew up. Some of us did not. I was one of them. One minute I wanted to be a doctor, then I discovered I have a fear of blood. This also kind of eliminated my other idea to become a dentist also. As it happens, I also found science really difficult. I believe these were all signs to show me that I was not meant to be a doctor. I also had a few other job titles which I thought I could see myself doing, but as I gained more of an understanding of each, I eliminated more and more.

If I am asked the question now “what do you want to be when your older?”, my response is simple: “I don’t know”. I obviously have some ideas but I still haven’t a set career dream in my mind to work towards. Right now I am focusing on getting a good degree, then I shall see where life leads me.

Future is Within your Hands
Future is Within your Hands

There Is No Such Thing as Time

Another fact about me is that I don’t really believe in time. Yes okay, these numbers which we all seem to revolve our lives around are useful when you are meeting someone, so yes I stick to time in that sense. However if you think you are running out of time, ask yourself this: “what is time?”

Life is what you make of it. And this relates back to my past dream jobs because some of us don’t realise what we want to do until we are in our thirties. Obviously I am a lot younger and still have a lot of life to experience, but I still think that we shouldn’t worry about a metaphysical ticking clock.

One thing I say often is you do you and don’t worry about anyone else. This is meant in the least egotistical way. You are the most important person in your life. Of course, if you have children, you value them very dearly. However, you created them, so without you, they would not be in existence. Future me may read this back and think differently, but in this moment, this is what I believe.

Live Your Life As You Wish

Your life is precious. Do the things you think are important. Look after your mind, look after your body. People will guide you along the way, but you will have a kind of gut feeling inside telling you what is right and what is not. I believe that feeling is life’s way of telling us what needs to change.

Everything happens for a reason, but, at the same time, you have the power to create your own future.

Finally, the quote I’m going to share with you was my great grandmother’s favourite quote. She was a very kind and wise woman and I hope you can understand just how touching this anonymous quote is.

“The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.” – Unknown

Thank you for reading.

Love, Eloise x


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Hello all, happy November. In today’s post I am going to discuss how our outlook on the world affects how we feel within. Beauty surrounds us, we just have to be open-hearted to see it.

It is All About Perception

We all perceive things in a different way because of course, we are all different. Many of us have different ideas and different views. That translates to almost everything in our lives. There is always going to be someone who disagrees with you. You have to learn to respect the opinions of others.

If we relate this to art, we each have a unique taste in what art we like and would have on display in our homes. If you have ever walked around an art gallery, you will know how the same piece of art can be interpreted in multiple ways. The way I see it is – that is the same with life. We all have different desires and wishes, therefore we all see the world in a different light.

What you see and what you perceive becomes your reality. You live what you think.

Beauty and Perception
Beauty and Perception

Why Beauty is Important

When I talk about ‘beauty’, I am referring to the beauty that surrounds us. Whether that be the autumn leaves on the ground or the rain that falls from the sky. If you change your perception, you will see the beauty. I am a lover of winter, I love the cold weather, fluffy clouds and rain. However, I also love the summer. Going on holiday and embracing the sunshine is so enjoyable. Therefore I am embracing my surroundings. I am seeing the beauty.

Understand that if you walk  out of your house with a positive mindset, you will notice the smaller and less obvious beautiful things. Nature is beauty. When you next go out for a walk, take a moment to breathe in your surroundings and see the beauty outside.

Once you have an understanding of this, you can apply the same technique to other aspects of your life. Friendships for instance, these will become more positive if your outlook is altered.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your own opinions. It would mean the world to me if you are able to share this post.