Month: October 2017

Being at One with the Now

I hope you are all having a great week. In this post I am going to share why we really should be living in the present. What do people really mean when they say “embrace the moment”. Let’s explore living in the now.

The Now

This moment right now is all we really have. If you think about it, it may seem a little scary for some, but no moment in the future is guaranteed. Anything can happen. That is why living for the now is such a crucial thing to do to really be able to live life to the full.

By no means do I mean stop making plans. Of course we have to have some kind of routine and plan things in advance. However, if you don’t fully appreciate the present, your life will go in the blink on an eye.

Living in the Now
Living in the Now

How to Live in the Present

One thing I mention a lot is how to learn to be more in touch with yourself. Including your emotions, mind and soul. I believe the best way of doing this is through the power of meditation. Once you enter a meditative state, you are really living. Your mind isn’t wondering, thinking or planning. You are you. You are living the now.

There are other ways of doing this. It is down to each of us to understand how we work best. The importance of this is finding something that works for you. Also, if we begin to embrace the current moment then our senses will become more heightened. This is a great cure for anxiety and nervousness, as worries will be reduced.

Live in the now. Embrace all you have. Love the life you live.

Thank you for reading. Please share your own opinions with me.


Fuelling Your Creativity

A happy weekend to you all. I want to leave you with a few thoughts about how to fuel your creativity. A creative spark is something the majority of us will have, so I am going to explore how to release it.

What Creative Spark?

You will probably find that with a lot of what you do, you have some potential ideas but you never put them to good use. Sometimes, you may have what feels like random bursts of energy to create something new. This is the creative streak in you which might be going to waste.

I believe we are all creative to some extent, yes, some more than others. Coming up with original ideas is an attribute which is valued by a lot of people. Next time you have an idea pop into your head, why not firstly write it down so you don’t forget it, but also see if you can bring it to reality.

Fuel Your Creativity
Fuel Your Creativity

The Source of Your Imagination

Every thought you have is created by you, so why not have a look at how to increase your potential. What I mean by this is, if you want to learn more then read more. If you want to find out more, research more. If you feel like your mind is on overdrive and you don’t have any spare time to conjure up new ideas, slow down.

Finding time for yourself will literally work wonders in your life. Just by finding a few moments of quiet everyday, you will increase your creativity. These moments will be enough to feed your soul, helping you unlock great new ambitions and goals. Life is a challenge, so why not make the most of it by putting yourself out there and discovering what you are really capable of?

A great example of this is if we look at famous poets, Keats for instance used to sit in romantic bowers in his garden to fuel his creativity to write beautiful poems, which are now great pieces of literature.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” – John Keats

Therefore, why not have your own romantic bowers, metaphorically speaking, to inspire yourself and help you release your full potential. I am not saying you will become a famous poet in years to come, I am stating that if you work on your creative energy, you are likely to be a lot more successful.

Thank you for reading.


Create Your Own Success

Success, ambition and hard work. These words are used constantly on the internet today and I feel that we need to pause and embrace the true meaning behind them. Creating your own success is a attribute which is greatly admired, so let’s have a look at how to make your dreams come true.

Success Starts From Within
Success Starts From Within

What Kind of Success

There are various definitions we could use for success. It can be to achieve a goal you have set for yourself, or one society accepts that you’ve chosen to live up to. However, it can also mean being at one with yourself and having an understanding for who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

Some people see the word ‘success’ and relate it to their job and working life. Yes, being successful career wise is an ambition many of us have. I want to explore other ideas.

Spiritually, this drive and ambition we have can be approached in a much more manageable way. Think about how you are willing to achieve your goals.

Spiritual Success

By this, I simply mean embracing a positive outlook to eventually create what you want from life. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have the power to create everything. The law of attraction is directly linked to how “successful” you are as a person. If you believe in yourself and realise your capabilities, you are much more likely to get to where you want to be.

Self belief is the start to a happy lifestyle. Begin from within. Make time for yourself, be a bit selfish. Once you are able to be happy with who you are, you will be open to attract similar energy. If you are thankful and appreciative of all you have and all you are able to do, you are sending out the right signals to attract more.

Finally, finding a route that suits you and incorporating these less mainstream strategies into your everyday life is very important. If we give, we will receive. Just don’t be expecting or waiting to receive something back for a kind action you did. Give out of kindness. That is the true meaning of giving.

We create our own lives and everything in them, so use your thoughts carefully.

I hope this has given you a deeper understanding into living an abundant life. Thank you for reading.


Just Be Yourself, You Can’t Be Anyone Else

Happy October! I hope you have all had a beautiful week. Today I am going to share my thoughts on how important it is to stay true to yourself. Just be you!

Why Would You Want To Be Any Different?

In this day an age we tend to spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to others. This is really bad for our own confidence. Loving yourself will put you at such a great advantage. You are an amazing person and you should really believe that.

We are all special, unique individuals and no two people are ever going to be the same. So, stop comparing yourself to your friends. And most of all, stop comparing yourselves to celebrities on Instagram. Let’s face it, their pictures are filtered anyway and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if we use their looks as a goal, we are chasing an unrealistic expectation.

In the words of Oasis, “I need to myself, I can’t be no one else.”

Just be Yourself
Just be Yourself

Be Happy With Yourself First

Before you decide you want to make a change with how you look, you have to learn to love what you already have. Yes, you may wish to lose weight or start eating healthier, but if you don’t love the body you are working on, you aren’t ever really going to change.

Start of by understanding how blessed you actually are. We all have these amazing bodies that carry our mind and souls every single day. The human body goes through so much and often we take it for granted. Understand to love the physical body you have and everything it does for you. Connect your mind with your body in a way that suits you.

Once you have done this, you will find it easier to make changes. You can’t change who you are as a person. You are YOU. Just learn to thank every single cell inside your body. Keep your heart open and shine bright.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Please send your thoughts my way and share this post with your friends.