Month: August 2017

Being In A State of Calm

I was inspired today to write about this after being told by someone that they love how calm I always am. I am going to explore what I mean by being calm.

What Kind of Calm?

So, when I say being in a state of calm, I mean literally being at peace. I don’t believe there is any point in stressing over things in life, whether it be the everyday challenges or the so-called bigger picture. Calmness can be called multiple things: serenity, tranquillity, peacefulness, pacified. Whichever you prefer.


Why Should We Remain Calm?

I am aware that in the past people have disagreed with my outlook on this. Some have felt that remaining calm is not the right attitude to have. But, at the end of the day this is your life, and you can make what you want of it. This is my way of doing things, and I am just sharing that with you.

However, the truth is that if you are stressed all the time, you will only attract more stress to yourself. Whether you like it or not. If you remain calm, you will feel more relaxed and ultimately, more happy.

Like with everything in life – we have a choice.

We chose how we react to everything and everyone. Our reaction determines how we feel. Blaming others for things which you did not want to happen is by no means the way forward. If you want to feel at peace with life, with yourself, then you have to take responsibility for yourself. Not just your actions, your emotions as well.

How Can I Stay Calm?

This will be different for everybody. My way of seeing this is that I bring my reaction into my awareness. So, if someone does something which could be deemed annoying, I have the choice whether to react in a negative way or not. Or, I can rise above it and not let it affect me. Of course, this can be challenging and you will feel tested at times. You may become aggravated, but, I promise you that with practice, you will understand how easy it us to think about the choice before you take any action.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.


Having a Sense of Gratitude

From a very young age we are taught to say our please and thank you’s. Be grateful. Find gratitude in your everything. However, don’t take offence when someone else doesn’t show you the gratefulness you think you should receive.

Have Gratitude Now!
Have Gratitude Now!

What I Mean By “Finding Gratitude in Your Everything”

In my opinion, everything we have in our lives is a blessing. Even those things which may seem “bad”. Life is full of lessons, so every situation is what you make of it. Therefore, when things happen which you don’t expect, or, particularly want to happen, there is likely to be a teaching behind them. The best thing we can do is try to recognise this. Be grateful for what you have learnt.

Of course, if we are given something or someone does an act of kindness for us, most of us naturally say “thank you”. I want to ask yourself this – do you really mean it? Are you really feeling your thanks? If you give your thanks without any real meaning behind the words, then you are not actually grateful. In order to feel more at ease, it is crucial to speak truth and believe your own words.

How Can We Benefit From Being Grateful?

Having a sense of gratitude is not just about saying thank you when someone does something which pleases us. It is genuinely feeling blessed for who you are. Your body is an amazing place and goes through so much each day, physically, mentally and emotionally. So by showing this thanks to your body, it is a kind of self rewarding technique.

Everyone will have their own way of doing this. It may be as simple as treating yourself to something after some hard work. Or it may be finding time to connect with your soul through meditation or yoga. If you are a believer in the law of attraction, you will be aware that gratitude affects what we have in our lives. Being consciously grateful will help more good things come your way.

Whichever method works best for you to feel thankfulness, do it. Gratitude actually does increase how much happiness the body can feel, will positively impact our mood, lift our spirits (quite literally) and increase our confidence. If we know we are living whilst being grateful for everything we can do and everything we have, we are more likely to give more. An open heart is a great way of sharing love.

Thank you for reading.


Yoga For The Self

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – Bhagavad Gita

Hello all. As you may know I am a yogi myself, so today I am going to share why I enjoy practising yoga. It may be something you do regularly or have never tried before, either way, I hope I am able to help open your mind to the idea of trying something new.

Why I Love Yoga

I really enjoy just zoning out from everything around me for a while. All that is happening in my life is just distracting me from myself. The time I spend on my yoga mat is for me. I am able to strengthen my own body and soul. Everyone will have different reasons for doing yoga. For me, it is more for the spiritual side of it, and the benefits it has on my body are a wonderful bonus. You can opt in a class and be instructed within a group, where you are still able to just focus on yourself and forget that people are surrounding you. Or, you can go it alone and practise in your own space, whichever makes you feel more at ease. Whichever you prefer, remember that the only person that matters when you are in downward dog is YOU!

Why Is Yoga Really Good For Us?

You have probably heard the obvious advantages yoga has on the human body. These being improving flexibility and decreasing stress. However, there is so much more to it than that. Another one which may seem obvious is the building up of muscle strength. It is also great for your posture, the health of your bones, the flow of your blood and is beneficial for your lungs. There are tons of articles out there which explore the science behind the health benefits of the exercise. Any way of getting your body moving can only have a positive effect on you.

When you really understand how to relax and stretch into the various postures, you do have a greater sense of gratitude for all you are able to do and all you have. You will naturally know the basics of meditation, without any effort at all. I believe it is a great way of incorporating mindfulness into our lives.

Yoga, Eloise.
Yoga, Eloise.

Find Something You Love

It may be that you have been to a yoga class before and not enjoyed it. Don’t let this stop you, have a look for other classes nearby, or have a go at home, you may develop a love for it! I have been doing yoga for four years now, and throughout this time I have been committed, as I really have noticed how it has improved my ways of thinking.

Physically, I have become a lot stronger and over time I have learnt how to do new positions. Mentally, it has improved my meditation techniques and allowed me to feel a state of calm. I love learning about the spiritual aspects of the sport. Your flow of prana will improve, this is a life energy (you may learn about), connecting you to the universe. You may have read that previous sentence and had no interest in this side of it, and that is okay. Personally, the feeling I get at the end of my practise I just love, as I know I am so present and in the moment, whilst fully connected with my soul.

I am not telling you to start becoming yoga obsessed. You don’t even have to do yoga. I am simply expressing my opinions on one of my hobbies because this may inspire you to find a hobby you love as much as I enjoy my yoga practise.

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Thank you for all of your love and support.