Month: May 2017

Carpe Diem

A happy day to you all. Today my focus is all about seizing the day, which is the translation of the Latin phrase; Carpe Diem. So, I am going to share how embracing the present moment will impact your life in the best way possible.

“Strive for the best, always.”

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem

Why Carpe Diem?

In my primary school in Spain, where I grew up, our school song was called Carpe Diem. At the beginning of each prize day, the pupils all sang together, and certain lyrics from it have stuck with me ever since. Everyday we wake up with a chance to make the most of what life has to offer. You have certain choices. Either, worry or fret about what the future has to offer or rethink past events over and over. Or, simply embrace and accept the present moment right now and make the most of what you have.

“I will remember Carpe Diem and I will seize the day.”

If you assess your current situation, not judge, just watch – you will realise that your life is beautiful. Yes, some things may be happening which can bring added tension,but underneath all of this, you truly are blessed. Be grateful for every day, every minute and every second.

How Can I Seize My Day?

Start from within. Allow your mind to fill with gratitude and learn to love. This will have a huge impact on your view of the world around you. See the beauty in things. Don’t judge. Let it be.

Make the most of every moment you have. We never know when we are going to leave this earth, so really live for today, live for now.

Read. Educate yourself in as many areas of your life as possible. Most of all, learn more about things you are interested in.

Listen to others. Let people tell their stories. Offer advice when you feel it is needed. Because you will feel great about yourself if you have been able to help someone else.

Love who you are. You are one. Therefore, accept all that is and make change where you think you can improve.

Work hard and never give up.

I hope you have found this useful and maybe taken some inspiration away from it. As always, please feel free to share your opinions and thank you for reading.


Make the Time

I hope you are all having a beautiful week. I am going to share the importance of finding some special time for yourself, whether it be alone or with friends. Having a break from the continuous occurrences of everyday life is so important for our health.

What is Classed as a Break?

Taking time out literally means what it says. We are all different, so this will mean different things for every one of us. It is completely up to you how wisely you chose to spend your minutes and hours. You can use it intellectually by doing something to widen your knowledge, such as reading. Alternatively, you could find the time to go for a brisk walk. Walking has so many great advantages which most of us don’t even realise. At university, I often go on walks around the lake and park with my friends and it’s always a fun way to get some fresh air.

Of course, you may prefer to watch TV, which is perfectly fine, just try to find the balance and fit in some more beneficial things too. How you use this time is your choice.

Make the Time
Make the Time

Why Should I Take Time For Myself When I Have So Much To Do?

I am aware that we are very busy people and lots of us follow tight schedules and struggle to balance our everyday tasks. The way I see it is – if you really want to do something, you find the time to do it. You can un-busy yourself. Time is not real, we can’t touch time. It is simply just numbers on a clock which we all follow and plan our lives around. Yes, it would be manic if we didn’t use time. However, try not to focus on the time elements in life, instead, follow the flow that is life.

Personally, at the moment I am in the middle of my exam season at university. The way I cope with this is by setting a revision goal at the start of each day, and then take a break in the middle to work on myself. As you may be aware, I really enjoy practising yoga, so generally I try to do this alone in my room most days. Then, right before I go to sleep, I spend about half an hour reading in bed, I think this is a great way to unwind for the day.

Just have a think about how you could spare a few moments to let your mind wonder. Maybe you would prefer to meditate. Exercise is one of the best releases for the mind and body, so try to create an exercise routine which works for you.

I would love to hear what you do to relax and take a minute for yourself.

Thank you for reading.


Let’s Not Stress. Let’s Not Worry

A happy day to you all. Today I want to discuss stress. I explain why we should be using it to our advantage and turning it into a positive emotion.

What is Stress?

Stress tends to be defined as pressure or tension, usually caused by an external event. For me, that says it all. “External event”, this is not what defines us. I am aware that the majority of us repeatedly say we are suffering from stress, so much so, I don’t think it is stress, I think it has become a kind of excuse.

I watched a documentary about stress and how it is a negative factor which has declining effects on our health. (BBC One – The Truth About Stress). I was in disagreement with a lot of what was said.

Firstly, yes, we may feel certain pressures from some current things which are going on in our lives, but all of this is about perception. As I have said previously, we are what we think. We attract everything in our lives.

How Can We Turn Stress into a Positive?

Here are some tips on how to use this emotion to benefit you:

Rise above your current situation – If you find yourself having “one of those days” where you think things keep going wrong, that is because they are. Instead, if you accept that one thing hasn’t happened how you wished it had. Let it go and move on. If you keep overthinking about something after it’s happened, you will just keep that negative energy inside you. It will be going round in a cycle, hence why your whole day will basically feel like it has turned to shit. So, accept it for what it is and keep your thoughts positive.

Feel your excitement within – An interesting approach to embracing the feeling of stress is by turning it into excitement (Professor Ian Robertson). This explores the idea that before doing something you may usually feel concerned about, instead of worrying, say “I feel excited”. Personally, I would adjust this into the present tense and say “I am excited”. I’m pretty sure I do this already, as I always genuinely feel excited before I go into an exam, when I know it is just the way my mind controls the adrenaline rush.

Remember it is all in the mind – I say this a lot. I don’t really believe in getting stressed. Sometimes things do happen in life which are out of our control so I don’t waste my energy on them. I just accept them for what they are, and make a change when I want to. I think I learn more about this all the time. Self improvement is a personal journey and, when I learn new things, I work out my own way of applying them into my life.

Free Yourself from Stress
Free Yourself from Stress

I would love to hear your opinions on the topic. Thank you for reading.


My Interpretation of Being Happy

Hello all. Today I am going to share with you what I believe happiness really is and where I think it comes from. This is inspired by a recent debate I had about the reasons behind our feelings of being happy.

What Is Considered “Happy”?

Being happy simply means being filled with feelings of joy, content and gratitude. Happy is probably a word which is used in our daily vocabulary, so is there still a big significance behind the word? You may often hear people say things along the lines of “that makes me happy” or “I am so happy”, and my question is: are they really feeling this happiness or is it just a turn of phrase?

As I have learnt, happiness has different definitions to different people. Some people may seem more happy than others. Yes, they too will experience the same emotions which we are all capable of feeling, but they will allow the happiness emotion to function and vibrate at a higher frequency, ultimately resulting in more happiness.

Be Happy Within.
Be Happy Within.

What Is Happiness To YOU?

Ask yourself this: what is happiness to me? Take a few minutes to let this answer come to you, you will feel it within. We are all unique, so our idea of this will be different.

When I discussed this with some of my friends, we had opposing views on joy. Personally, I don’t believe that “money can buy us happiness”, because – it can’t. Happiness is an emotion, a feeling in your heart, it is metaphysical. That means using a physical object (in this case, money), cannot be the source for our feelings.

Money is simply an addition to this. Of course, there are things in this world which bring us happy feelings, and these might have been for an exchange of money. That is why we may think that monetary transactions is where happiness comes from.

A counter argument to this would be – is someone living with very little money going to be happy, if they can’t afford to buy the things they need? I believe that depends on the person. If they have a positive mindset, they can use their skills to their advantage, and survive with the little that they have. I feel we are all rich, rich in knowledge and wisdom, in our own special way.

Finally, there may be certain people who bring out purer happy feelings for you. My beliefs are that this is because they are directly affecting the source within you, where the emotion comes from, which leads to these positive emotions.

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I would love for you to share your opinions on what happiness is to you.

Thank you for reading.