Month: January 2017

Happy is Healthy

A happy day to each and every one of you. Today I want to discuss why happiness really is so important in our lives. You may have heard that happiness affects your health. Have you ever wondered whether this is really true? I wanted to know the answer myself, so I have done some research to find out what happens to the body when we are happy. Clearly, I am not a scientist (never my strong point), so you can interpret this in your own way. I was fascinated by what I found, so I thought you may be too.

Eloise, the Happy Fairy
Eloise, the Happy Fairy

What Being Happy Does to the Body

Maybe it’s obvious. Happiness does have a positive impact on our bodies. I discovered that it has been proven; the happier people are, the happier their heart health is. My reaction to this is to carry a heart full of love and all will be well.

There are a few of the other ways being happy can affect us. Being happy could help you live a longer life. Even if you chose not to believe this, then wouldn’t it be better to grow old and look back at a life full of happiness than one full of worry? Let that sink in..

If you take a more positive approach, your immune system will be stronger and you will recover from an illness quicker. In my eyes, this is related to the power of the mind. If you are ill and you picture being better, then you will attract the health to yourself, hence a recovery.

The Glass is Half Full

Always remember to keep your focus on the positive aspects of your life. None of us have a real reason not to be happy, so just “Let it Be” and try to stay optimistic as much as you possibly can. You can shift your focus onto the positives, you just have to want to do so.

Of course, happiness means different things to different people, however, the end result of being happy is all the same. The things you think and feel (your mind) are connected to your body, so in a way your body is reacting to your emotions. Therefore, the happier your thoughts, the happier your body.

Most importantly, happiness comes from the inside. No matter how many physical things you do, they are not going to “make you happy”. I believe being happy comes from within your soul. Yes, there are certain things which can make you feel even greater and heighten your state of happiness, but at the end of the day, happiness is a feeling not a thought.

I hope this has been inspirational for you and thank you for reading.


Live, Laugh, Love

I hope you are all having a happy day. Today I am sharing my all time favourite quote with you. We live, we laugh, we love and we give and we may forget the importance of ourselves. From time to time I sit and read happiness quotes because I feel it is a great way of connecting with yourself. When I first became aware of the power of positive thinking I started researching some inspiring life quotes and I remember the day I came across this one I am sharing with you, which I felt I could connect with.

The Background Story

A friend once sent me some pictures of beautiful words in attempt to help me see the positive side of life. At first I thought something so small would not help me in anyway, but after a while I realised that quite often I would refer back to them. To this day I have an album on my phone dedicated to self inspiration. Whenever I see words that I feel are powerful and significant I save them, then every so often I will scroll through them. A quote is a form of art and I believe they are a bit like memories. If you read a certain quote and attach it to a specific time, then you are likely to remember the words and the story to go with it.

We grow and learn each day and having little reminders is a lovely way to guide yourself. Something I like to do is follow positivity pages on my social media accounts, so when I am scrolling down them I smile when something inspiring or thought-provoking pops up.

Buddha head
Eloise & Buddha

The Quote

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.

Personally, when I read this quote my mind creates a beautiful image. I think of a sky full of ash grey rain clouds with lightening bolts striking down through them. Then I picture a dancer elegantly swaying with the movement of the rain. A vibrant rainbow appears in the sky.

In a way, I make up a story to go with the words. You may be reading this and thinking something totally different. That is fine, no two people will think the same thoughts or feel the same things. The message I am trying to convey here is to allow your mind to run free. Find a source to feed your creativity and inspiration. I think that quote will always motivate me. Don’t let yourself worry about the future, nor dwell on the past. Cherish your memories and place them in your heart. Live in the moment and fill yourself with love. Don’t let your emotions run your life. Acknowledge them and feel them, but learn how to shift your thought processes to positive ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post & can take something from it.


Inspire Yourself Everyday

A happy day to you all. Today I would like to share with you some of the techniques that I apply to my own life, which, over time have really changed my mindset and helped me grow as a person. I really believe that we all have the power to inspire ourselves if we connect with our feelings and welcome all thoughts. In relation to how we are feeling and what we are thinking, obviously no day is the same as any other. Life is spontaneous and situations outside our bodies continue to change all the time.

Here are some of my tips:

Allow yourself to accept what is. From my personal perspective, I stay in control of my own life. By that I mean I try not to let the things happening around me affect how I feel. For instance, if you are waiting in a queue in a shop but you know you don’t have much time before you need to be somewhere else, then just accept it. This is something which you cannot control, so there is no point building up anger inside of you which you then take out on a member of staff. Stay patient, take a moment to take in your surroundings and let the situation be. Also, if you take your feelings out on someone else in an unfair way, you are more likely to feel worse about it later on. So, my moral here is not to let a little thing affect your day.

Find a few things that make you smile. A lot of people do not realise how much of an impact a smile can have on your emotions. Everyone has days where they feel less positive, due to things like hormones and personal events. I have days like this, and once I accepted this, I learnt what to do to improve my mood. Of course, we are all different, so what works for me may not work for you. Some things I like to do to inspire myself are: reading a book (I love reading anyway), talking to someone who will make me laugh (quite an easy one for me, as I laugh a lot) and going for a walk at dusk. This last one has to be my favourite. If you know me you’ll know that I absolutely love the sky, and during sunset I find the colours mesmerising.

Spanish Sunset
Spanish Sunset

Show appreciation and gratefulness for all that you have. In an age where we all seem to run lives with busy schedules, it is so important to stop for a moment. Take a step back and just think about all of the wonderful things you do have, your health, happiness, life, friends, family. Everyone will have a different list of things they appreciate, just make sure you do treat them with the love they deserve.

A Little Thought for Inspiration

When I was little, I learnt a poem for a LAMDA exam once, and to this day I can remember it by heart. I think the words are so lighthearted, yet the poem has so much meaning to it, so I thought it would be a great one to share.

A Smile

Smiling is infectious

You catch it like the flu.

When someone smiled at me today

I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner

And someone saw my grin.

When he smiled, I realised

I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about my smile and then

I realised its worth.

A single smile like mine could travel

Right around the earth.

If you feel a smile begin

Don’t leave it undetected.

Lets start an epidemic quick

And get the world infected.

– Jez Alborough

I hope you can apply some or just one of these tips to your life, and inspire yourself. Thank you so much for reading.


Welcome to Eloise Burns

Hello all and a warm, happy welcome to Eloise Burns.

I have created this space to give you everyday inspiration to help you live a happy, positive life. In a world surrounded by negative press I am here to help you understand the power of positive thinking. I will be regularly posting a wide range of articles, including personal experiences, positivity tips, healthy living advice and a few miscellaneous bits too.

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson

Eloise Burns, sunset, happy, spain

Over time, I hope to inspire you; my fellow reader, in some way and you will soon become familiar with the way I look at life, and hopefully, you can modify this to suit you. I have some mottos which I will share with you over time, as I sometimes find them helpful little reminders to myself, so maybe you can too.

“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.”

Why I have created Eloise Burns

My wish is that at least one person can read this and they can feel that Eloise Burns has helped them in some way. If I know I can help just one of you, then I will be over the moon! My biggest belief is that happiness is the most important thing, of course, alongside your health. If you can live a happy life that you love, then you are bound to have wonderful experiences. We are who we believe we are.

How Eloise Burns is different

I’d love to connect with you all somehow, and hopefully that will be through the words I publish. I am aware that there are already a fair few positivity blogs out there already, so what makes Eloise Burns different? Well, yes, positivity and happiness will be my main focus, however, I’ll also write about other things which interest me, so therefore may also interest you, the reader. Also, I’ll include personal touches which may make the words on the page (or screen) more relatable for you.

Everything on this website will be edited and controlled by me, so it stays personal. I am looking forward to seeing how I can help you, so please, come and join me, Eloise, on an exciting new adventure.